Sunday, May 26, 2013

"Holy Land USA"

Image compliments of Wikipedia.

My thanks to The Brooklyner for publishing my story, “Holy Land USA,” in their most recent online issue. Nice people and a pleasure to work with!


  1. Interesting ... we did a google search for our name and your article came up. In the reading - I see that the family came from the same area as my husband's in Italy (Abruzzo). We research the family for a bit - but stopped a while back ... could be be the same family? Alfonso Firmani left about 1919 on a ship for NY.

    1. Amy -- So nice to get your note. The Firmani side of my family actually comes from Le Marche (as opposed to my mother's side, who were Abruzzese) -- as I understand it, most everyone with the surname Firmani can trace their history back to a small city called Fermo ( But send me an email at bgfirmani (at) and we can continue talking. Thanks for your interest! B.G.